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2019.03.09 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena

halo eighteen

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3 hours ago, hyena17 said:

thanks for the info, and great pics as always! 

how far back were you in the crowd?  i'd give anything for that view of the b-stage but i'm too short.  this setup is not very kind to people like me. 😞

I was against the soundbooth barrier. Aside from this giraffe of a man that stood in front of me near the end of the show, the view was great from the back! 

Same-- I was worried I woudnt be able to see up close since I'm pretty short.

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I was by the end of the catwalk where Matt comes out in the beginning. 

Few thoughts:

-I was legit afraid I was going to miss out on Propaganda and Pray with the rotations that they have. 

-Crowd in the front looked pretty active for a US crowd, jumping for most of the songs. 

-New Unsustainable visuals are bland as hell, bring back the classic visuals and red lighting.  Loved the visuals for SMBH and Propaganda though.

-Algorithm was surprisingly boring, which is a shame since the rest of the ST songs were fun.  

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Does anyone have an extra vip show-specific poster from the Oakland show?  I really want one to hang with mine from Sacramento.  

*I also have an extra Sacramento poster, if anyone is interested.  We did the vip package in Sacramento,  but didn't for Oakland. 

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