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2018.11.03 - MTV World Stage, San Mamés, Bilbao, Spain


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I have just received an answer from Eventbrite about Muse band holds tickets. They called these tickets like that for organizational internal reasons. The tickets are STANDING, that's all.

Mystery solved.


Hi! Yes, I have received the same mail... and a refund of 5€ for each ticket since STANDING tickets are 5€ instead of 10€. I'm waiting for the refund... it may take a week according to the information provided by Eventbrite...

Thank you very much!!!!

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They'll show it in a few months. 45 minutes of it probably


That's what they do with World Stage shows


right -- 42 minutes-ish of content w/ commercials -- in a few months' time...mostly filled w/ tracks we've all heard a million times.


my guess is:







dig down





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