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2018.12.03 Royal Albert Hall The Prince’s Trust charity Gig London, UK


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Ok, Dead Star into Microcuts flowed quite nicely!


WTF?! We're gonna lose New Born too?!! And what kinda flow was that?!!!


Dead Cuts have been played on some occasions and fits perfectly.


Of course it's nice to hear bits some of the rare songs we wouldn't get otherwise, but not sure I'm fan of it anyway.

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SS: opening + 1 verse + 1 chorus + Solo + Chorus + Ending

Assassin intro

Reapers: verse + solo

The Handler: intro + verse + chorus + end

Dead Star: intro + verse + chorus

Micro Cuts Bridge - Outro

New Born Intro piano + breakdown riff + solo + chorus + outro

Endless Nameless



That was shit.

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