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Simulation Theory tour discussion


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The barrier was pretty dead with all the mum&dad with their lunch boxes. 

But it was also very friendly so that was a nice change 😂


I enjoyed the gig. The shit sandwich was boring but I see I was lucky not to have UD in there too. I had purposely not followed anything so it was nice to get hysteria, bliss, TAB, and most of new born

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6 minutes ago, Clunge said:

What? Did Matt say that on stage?

Posted on Facebook


"Thank you Manchester!! What a great end to the U.K. tour.  Jamming
with Tom Morello was a blast!  We’ve had such a great time in the U.K.
we wanna come back for more.  Stay tuned for a major announcement
about UK shows on Monday June 10th...."

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SB Empire  was August 19 2017. And yes I was one of the lucky few to get tickets. I will NEVER forget that show. Rocked the roof off. Machester last night just makes me want more......

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3 hours ago, Clunge said:

Coolio. Gotta be smaller shows, maybe another Psycho Tour type schtick. Or shows in some of the places they missed - Scotland, Wales, Ireland, etc.

Ahhh, don’t 😂 that was my first thought also but quickly tried to temper expectations. Think the main possibilities, in order of likelihood are:

1) More ST gigs for places they missed, maybe in winter. Would be surprised if it was stadiums like, since they obvs haven’t sold out these ones (though still not done badly at all) and Manchester/London are their main English ‘hubs’. Could still be exciting though, you’d hope The Void/Blockades would come into the picture by then if it’s almost a separate leg.

2) Small gigs, potentially by request. It’s been a while, SBE and RAH the only ones here for...4 years? ‘Major’ announcement seems to hint at something more special then just more regular tour dates as well. But does saying they wanna ‘come back for more’ not imply more of the same? Small gigs are usually announced reeeally close to the actual date as well, like a month max. Idk, don’t wanna get my hopes up.

3) Some kind of anniversary thing (20 years since their debut, 10 years since Resistance). The fact that it says ‘shows’ plural makes me doubt that though, not sure they’d do more than one isolated gig for that.

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Sounds like they wanna jam and have fun so smaller gigs might be on the cards since apparently they hate static set lists and this tour has been limiting. Although they chose to make it that way. 


Im expecting arena gigs akin to the European ones that are standing out like a sore thumb though 

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1 hour ago, Clunge said:

Origin Of Muse + Showbiz 20th. Calling it.

that's another 18+ months away...eek.

i guess i'd take it...?

and the north americans didn't get bliss b/c...they don't know it, on the whole?  matt prob. had too much of a tight bootyhole to play it in fear of poor responses.

oh well, the production alone, and one random insertion (aside from the odd UD inclusion from about a week ago) into, yes, inertia, is really hogtying this tour.

EDIT: upon further reflection, i would take an Origin of Muse thing-a-ma-jig + Showbiz 20th thing + a re-mastering of their first four albums. 

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I mean, Dom did admit they should ‘probably do something’ this year in the same interview where we got our last OOM update...

And Showbiz was a winter album.....

Ffs, let’s all just agree to stop and last 24 hours without setting ourselves up for mass disappointment 😂

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I don't get it.  Horrible sales for the stadium gig and they decide the best course of action is to add 2 arena dates?  

There's no way of knowing if those Sept gigs will be the exact same as this leg (and the same static setlist), or if they will pop in something different (whether because of the showbiz anniv, etc, or for whatever other random thing).  It's exhausting trying to figure them out.  I already feel like a huge sucker for even considering these gigs.

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