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Simulation Theory tour discussion


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19 minutes ago, Tesseract said:

I skipped the Drones tour because I wasn't impressed with the setlists *or* the stage setup, but this one I'm ridiculously excited for. I've loved all the teasers so far. 


I just can't see how people who were into drones aren't excited about this.

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13 hours ago, fuesch said:

I was all grumpy about this tour and then we get a clip of Stockholm Syndrome! Argh, DO WANT! But sadly can't, as I have no one to accompany me (I won't travel alone, it doesn't agree with my Asperger's).

Aw that’s shite man. Is there no one online you could tag along with either? Sucks to miss out ‘cos of that :(

14 hours ago, Gemsy said:

Fuck me, the negativity about this tour is unreal.

It’s a Muse tour with venues over 2000 capacity, this is just a given at this point

I’m still waiting to buy more tickets 💁‍♀️

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they've arrived...but i have to code them w/ ardunio relatively similarly to the setlist songs within the next 12-18 hrs before the first gig to make them relevant to the chosen lighting.

ain't happenin'.

i long for the former, leaner times with fewer props, gigs that are far less ostentatious, fewer bells and whistles, and better setlists...

...yet here we are.



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1 hour ago, kueller said:

Count me in to not being excited about the sets. Performance is all that matters to me from this band, it's what I listen to them for.

But still, this shit is wild. I'm intrigued just to see how this goes, and what I'll be in for in a little over a week.

I just wonder how all these effects and extras will be visible for everyone on the floor. 

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I don’t know what to expect. I don’t like actors on the stage. The band did it in the 2nd Law tour and it was just fine for me but not impressive.

Maybe, it will go well with dancers. All the teaser look cool!

Tonight we’ll see.

All I need is guitar, piano and a good setlist.

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Aye, majorly fecking excited. This is looking like potentially being in their top 2 arena setups for me atm, so interested to see what the performers add.

Looking forward to any and all debuts but it’s still gonna hurt seeing other people enjoy them months before me 😂

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