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Simulation Theory tour discussion


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Mercy a surprise




Agree actually surprisingly,


Muse fans innit, they’ll travel for owt




Apologies I just don’t have the fortitude for drop F riffage


But the Germans aren't that Muse-fanatic... which is actually a surprise as every act is loved here, idk why Muse isn't




haha, loved the one in the front throwing confetti in the air during the confetti part of mercy :D :D :D

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17 second encore break and Uprising


Honestly what’s even the point or is it just programmed in to them


I think Matt's vocals sound better tonight than most of the Drones Tour :love:


About the same imo, if anything a step down from the EU leg and latter 2017

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Ya Knights, it’s been fun lads


Was really expecting Something Human and Pressure.


Same tbh. I was never gonna rag on this gig for being a short pop-fest ‘cos that vibe fits with the album, they aren’t bad songs and it was always gonna be but TDS as the only new song is somewhat damp. At least SH fam.


Still no guitar on Uprising :')


I feel like we can’t do this anymore
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I think Drones was my last point of hoping for MWAH’s demise, at this point I’m just resigned to the fact that it might as well have been on the record for them


I still don't mind the harmonica.


It’s a great idea and it worked great for the first few years but, at this point, it’s lost all suspense ‘cos literally everyone and their mum knows it means Knights + bye so it’s kinda like ‘why are we doing this drawn out, suspenseful intro when we know the aftermath, just cut to the chase fam’. If it was short and the idea wasn’t to build suspense I’d get it but tain’t.

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So to sum up lads, we’ve sorta kicked off this era with this:


The Dark Side

Thought Contagion


Interlude - Hysteria

Plug In Baby



Supermassive Black Hole

The Handler

~Isolated System~

Dig Down


Time Is Running Out




Knights Of Cydonia


Ooh it smells good to be back

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