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Old Muse Inspired Band (NUCLEI)


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What's up musers from around the world!


My name is Wallo and I have a band here in Brazil called Nuclei, and it happens to be HEAVILY influenced by old Muse (OoS to Resistace, mainly).


"But ooh Wallo, you are brazilian, don't you sing in portuguese?"


Well, actually, we don't.


"But ooh Wallo it just sound like a ripoff!"


Well... some people may feel like this and I can't do anything... BUT if you happen to like our songs, my job here is more than done. :)


I will leave here our single for the last EP we released:



Give me your thoughts, tell me what you liked and what you didn't, I'm all ears.




(Quick Update)


We already released 2 eps this year, the first one (Wake Up) in february and the second one (Debris Field) in june. There are 10 sons to be listened to (and PLEASE COMMENT HERE YOUR THOUGHTS)


You can find us on most of the music networks such as spotify, deezer, apple music, google play and else, just search for Nuclei or nucleibr. But I'll leave the most importante ones here:



Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/nucleibr

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nucleibr (since we are brazilians, posts are in portuguese)

Instagram: @nucleibr

Website: http://www.nucleibr.com

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