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The Dark Side


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Apart from the intro vocals (MATT STOP SINGING OVER THE START OF SONGS PLS), this is actually... quite good?


Also really goes to show the benefits of not having a chorus which is the song title repeated over and over again


EDIT: also, this is the most CHVRCHES thing they've ever done

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Not as high on it as some of you seem to be yet :chuckle: some good things, some less so, need to work out what comes out on top


Vocals are good though, apart from that mess at the start. Verse progression/melody is fucking weirdly Origin-esque dark/weird considering how light-hearted all this seems to be.

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This new track almost makes me excited about Muse again. There's some real spirit and energy to it, feels like a natural evolution of Black Holes-era Muse. Real shame that the album has to be weighed down by three other tracks that are still pretty meh.

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I honestly didn't expect it to be released today. I love how all these music videos are directly connected to one another. The Dark Side literally picked up from where Something Human left off.


I'm not too keen on the choruses, but the verses are fucking golden. Overall I really like this song, this album just keeps getting better and better, though SH remains my favourite still.


Pretty sure I'm alone in this but, It really reminded me of Micro Cuts, anyone else?

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Really like TDS.


Initial observations after two listens.


- Sounds very like that CHVRCHES cover they did which I am ALL for.

- The synth arpeggios :awesome:

- Those synth stabs in the breaks post-chorus :awesome:

- The guitar solo synth tone and phrasing are fkin great.

- Matt's delivery on the "Save me from the daaaark side" line towards the end :awesome:


EDIT: Also I know a lot of people aren't fans of the neon, sci-fi movie aesthetic they're going for but I actually quite like it. It's nice to see them really embracing that kinda cheesy fun side.

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Seems pretty decent actually. I wasn't convinced at first but it's quite catchy as it goes on. The most enjoyable track so far for me, but I'm still not sure about the album just yet. I'll have see how the other songs come together.

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