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Individuals in 'Resistence training' - but Where is the end?


How do you participate in dark side fight?  

  1. 1. How do you participate in dark side fight?

    • Join fb groups like Annonymous
    • Talk to ETs and do it psychicly
    • Watch videos to inform yourself
    • Have your own crew and way

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Also, I want to let someone knowledgeable know, like the producers, can you pass this on or possibly contact me to a way to contact them, because I want to say, I know the lyrics refer/relate/correlate to/potray imagery of issues, of truth in a fake world, and what should really matter, what would really push the world forward in liberation. The universe is much bigger, as put in MK Ultra (mind control) 'inside a tear', that's when we are, without expansion and freedom of mind. I would like to ask for some communication. I'm 'awake and aware', I worry for each day that I'm not myself in this little limited box, circulating around the wrong place with the cattled sheep, devalued, mattering less than the 'bright' stars that hide within but shine allthesame. What am I supposed to do? Please, please let me know!

I could describe it all day. And I do my own soul expansion and I wrote a little diary of theories and thoughts from other realms others aren't thinking about because their interest/head facing towards/(pitiful) heart chasing is about other things. 'I can't find my way out the matrix', I'm a star child and doing a voluntary job say helping children still fits into a paranoia 'irrelevant' box, that isn't for me. I don't know what to do...

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This is probably way too much to say but the werewolf in the video and the 'human' thing in the new one has the symbollic or meaning Layers of explaination to a deeper or intuitive level that, humans are not good, not how they should be. And the werewolves are having a bit of a ironic turn by using the word 'human' in their productions, like how the omegas get confusion / howl aloud when they're unsure.

Like this, the message asks humans to turn around. That's the deeper overlay to the song. That they are stuck in a chase with bad guys behind them and need to correct and naturalize.

There's an elf, but you decided to let something else happen this time like a push to the front or give a go to change with the current time.


Anyway, I'm only asking for your help!

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