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Song to Vote for to Include in Earworm Tabletop Game?


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So I’m pumped for the tabletop music-performing-but-no-singing-allowed game Earworm which is currently an open campaign on Kickstarter:



There aren’t any songs yet though from Muse in it. For shame. The developers did though reserve several slots for backers to vote in songs and I could use some help in picking which to push there. I don’t listen to Spotify or anything like that so have no idea which Muse songs are widely popular or recognized so have no idea which would have a decent chance at getting voted in. All I know is I would feel bad if Starlight or Undisclosed Desires got in since those are pretty much the only two of theirs that I hate.


From a performability and distinguishabilty perspective I’d be happy to see any of the following listed songs make it into the game, but which could win a vote?



Muscle Museum

New Born

Space Dementia

Plug in Baby

Citizen Erased

Micro Cuts


Dark Shines


Time is Running Out

Sing for Absolution

Stockholm Syndrome (though far from my favorite)



Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

City of Delusion

Hoodoo (may be too hard?)

Knights of Cydonia



United States of Eurasia

Unnatural Selection

MK Ultra

I Belong to You



Follow Me

Unsustainable / Isolated System


The Handler

The Globalist

Thought Contageon (but possibly too generic sounding)

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To go against the entire premise of the game? I'm confused.


Because I am far from an average music listener so have no idea what others know. Most of my music is classical and is supplemented only by classic rock and a few very particular current bands like Muse.


Thanks Jobby! Exactly the kind of answer I need.

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PIB, Knights, Hysteria, Supermassive, Starlight, TIRO + Uprising are the only ones I think you could reasonably expect your average joe to know. Maybe Psycho.
I would honestly narrow it down to Starlight and Uprising.
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Interesting, I would never have guessed those two are the most well known. They're certainly not the most interesting of that subset.


Anyway, here's what I posted on their comments yesterday:


Okay, paring back my March 20 list to comply with the new 3-songs-per-backer limit so my suggestions appear in the subsequent polls....


I propose a strange arrangement, and a simple alternative.


First the strange:


I am going to name three Muse songs, three I think would fit into the game well. By putting three names I hope to elicit votes for Muse who might not choose their music if I pick a single particular song of theirs voters don’t like. But by offering three songs by one band I almost certainly make it less likely that any one of them will obtain enough votes to win a slot. Therefore, consider the following: in tallying the votes for three Muse songs, add the three totals together as “most popular Muse song” and then score that total for whichever of the three received the most votes of those three. Doing this would be like a runoff election held simultaneously with a general election.


If that method is acceptable then please add the following three songs to the voting options:


Muse - Plug in Baby

Muse - Knights of Cydonia

Muse - Uprising


The simple alternate:


However, if you’d rather not do that because it’s too complicated or perceived as being unfair to the other songs then instead I want to only add one song to the list so as not to dilute its chances. That song:


Muse - Knights of Cydonia


(Yes I’m aware another commenter suggested Starlight and it’s in the vote list. I can never vote for that one.)

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For most modern artists, song popularity is based on mainstream appeal, and to appeal to as large of a group as possible the song needs to be catchy but still fit within the same pattern as the rest.


I am not trying to be mean when I say this, but I find it quite strange that you claim to have no idea what popular music is. Do you never come into contact with the radio? Or YouTube? Or media news? Or do you just avoid all of it?

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