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Honestly the reason they didn't commit was because Knights is still the superior closer. It might be overdone at this point, but it still closes a show way more effectively than Reapers and Survival...based on what I've seen on youtube. Sorry, haven't seen a Muse show since 2009.


I’d say Survival is easily > a tired Knights tbh. Reapers w/ an old Stockholm riffout would be immense as well imo.

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Take A Bow remains their best closer. Even more so after a drop-d riff-fest.


Micro Cuts > SS > TaB at Wembley was perfection. Throw Dead Star in before MC too and you have peak encore.


You’ve written this exact post so many times :LOL:


TaB is nuts, but it's hard to beat the audience engagement during Knights. It's like when Biffy ends with Mountains or Modest Mouse on Float On; not my favourite tracks in either bands discography, but the vibe is a great way to go out on.


Bliss or PIB would give better vibes.


Tbh it’s gotten to the point where even casuals know MWAH+Knights closes every gig and that ain’t a good vibe at all to me. There’s been a fair few times in recent years where I’ve heard stuff like “is that it?” “nah they’ve gotta do knights of cydonia with the harmonica” in crowds and only half-hearted cheers that sound like semi-groans at the first harmonica note, where there used to be tension and a big cheer for Knights’ opening trill. I legit feel like I rarely even hear people cheer at the start of Knights anymore ‘cos they’ve known what’s been coming for the last 2 minutes and that it means the end of the gig, it just feels kinda flat when it lands.

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PiB would be so much more of a "is this it?" vibe. I really liked how they ended the Paris show. Stockholm but then just adding on the extra songs afterwards. It's not the epic sing-a-long of Knights but it goes crazy.


I don't really mind predictable closers either even if I might prefer some variety. I know QOTSA will keep ending with the same song but that just kinda hypes it up to go all out for the finale. I would at least like more variety in the encore as a whole. I like the feeling of knowing you're on the last few minutes but I don't like knowing 5 songs before what's coming up. I remember in 2010 messaging my mother as Exo Pt. 1 started that I'd be out in 3 more songs.

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PiB would be so much more of a "is this it?" vibe.


Only ‘cos we’ve been conditioned to midset PIB for so long. Actual ‘00s classic, big bouncy riff, massive singalong chorus, feel-good vibes, big climactic solo/rockout finale - garuantee it works if they try it.

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Not a proper closer by any means, but another song I would see very well with a "live coda" is Panic Station: instead of ending with the bass line from the beginning, they might turn the melody of the bridge between the first chorus and the second block of verses into a heavy, smashing funk rock riff to end the song.

Just like they pick the Uprising solo up again to extend the song itself.

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Plug in Baby works more for the main set than an outright closer IMO. Although of the Origin singles, Bliss is a better closer.


Obvs but I’m just saying it could be a workable option because fuck Knights.


Also this has taken a dual thread tangent from me wanting a new closer from LP8 but to definitively settle this: Bliss > Take A Bow > Stockholm > Showbiz > New Born > Knights (Prime) > Survival > Plug In Baby > Agitated > Micro Cuts > Reapers > Do We Need This > Hate This & I’ll Love You > Yes Please > Knights (Current) > Uprising > The Small Print > Time Is Running Out > Uno > Starlight > Mercy

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