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2018.02.24 - La Cigale, Paris


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Unnecessary negativity here but damn I’m glad Muse gave New Born a break. After this it can get another 2 year break.


I've seen Muse 12 times since 2010 and I've only seen New Born once... pretty long break ;)




this New Born version sounds great...

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As much as I’m the most relieved man in the world rn - how the fuck is COD not getting voted in at these gigs?


Kinda bummed at missing what’ll probs end up Eternally Missed’d last play but didn’t think it sounded amazing anyway tbh. Those vocals were never gonna be anywhere near as powerul as the studio version. Shoulda ended it w/ the piano/celeste outro as well, would’ve lead perfectly into New Born (something I originally thought for SBE as well).


Is this the firt time they play NB since 2013?


Fam they played a fucking 14 minute long version at SBE. W/ Yes Please added on.

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