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Muse Uprising remix


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hi there,

I'm myself a musician, and a great fan of Muse, and that 's why for my own shows I produced a remix of my own, with an argentinian guitar player, but i'm using the voice of Matthew Bellamy so I knew from the start that I would not be abble to release it . . .

BUT :p ...

It is really a good remix who is blasting every party I play ...and...well...i play quite a lot of them and quite everywhere ;) ....

Here is for exemple 2 little videos of my remix....one last saturday in Argentina, and one in Brazil last month ... :

and in brazil : (this was my 1st version, without guitar yet ;) ...)


Now, I know I can 't release it......unless you like it :D . . .so ...where can i send you the REAL FULL VERSION to listen ? ....

you can contact me easily on facebook ,


or my fanpage :


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