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Hello everybody,

I'm an Italian fan of Muse and I want to celebrate the band through a new show of my amateur musical theatre company with their sound.

Probably the lyrics can transforming because the translation and the adaptation to the plot. I writing here because I want to be sure that we will not face legal problem with rights. Obviously we'll pay for Muse authors dues.

Please answer to this message because I don't know where and who I can contact for this request.

Thank you:D

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Nice idea :) Hopefully story is different than my for my project :D

But to answer, if You want make this only in Italy, then try to contact Warner Music Group for Italy. Problem is, that if You want also to use lyrics, then You need agreemnt from the lyrics rights owner. I have this problem in Poland, because Warner here does not hold rights and You must try with global office (I mean main office in UK or USA). I myself to this day make no contact with them because I'm still making project description for foreign producers etc.


Wish You luck and if You find some contact, please let me know! If I manage to do this first, I will pass it to You as well.


Best Regards!

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Hi, Thanks for help,

don't worry I wrote a crime noir story, but I mashed up the classical noir story of 40's with a modern progressive rock sound. I know that in Italy the sound and the use of originally lyrics are covered by right from SIAE national agency about rights, but they leave to the artist, authors or relative agency the moral rights about the meaning of the song.

For example if Muse dedicated a song for a friend and I transform it in a tribute for the criminals actions they couldn't appraise that and summon me with a legal action.

There are a tiny possibility that an amateur Italian musical company could be listened from Muse, an International group, but I want to be sure to not hurt they.

Do you think I have to contact the Warner Bros. Italian headquarters to request?

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I think it won't be much a problem to write them letter (better than email) and then call them after a week or send an email if they received it. There is always tiny chance that someone will be interested and support Your project.


And one important lesson that I learned is that Muse is Muse, but there is always company that is the publisher with a band of lawyers and their job is to keep those things right, so I suggest contact and asking for permission.


Wish You luck!

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