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And when you're supposed to outline a bloody circular street sign... They make me wanna skip the gig.


For those going for the general sale on Friday try booking on your mobile not tablet or pc. For some reason they don't seem to ask for the stupid captchas as much if at all. On my mobile I was asked to tick the I'm not a robot box and didn't get any captcha

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Thank you thank you thank you!


Got my 1 standing ticket!


Thanks for links :D:D


I could marry you.




Fuck, I was just shown tickets, but then there was a technical problem!


Thank you so much for this, got my mates tickets!


Thanks!!! Got one :)


LaResistance - Massive thanks for posting the Reading link, i've signed up to the forum just to say thanks.


You're welcome guys. The hardcore have to look out for one another, can't have the plebs getting tickets and voting for the wrong songs :p

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