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Looking to get into bass


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I am looking to learn how to play bass. I played drums for a couple years as a kid but due to living situation, had to get rid of them. Dad bought me a guitar to replace. I played for years but adulthood and work caught up to me eventually and I've really been out of it for quite awhile. I noodle around every now and then.


Lately I've been very interested in bass. Just loving the grooves and the low end aspect of music. I am looking at bass guitars to get as a starter.



Does anyone here play? Have any recommendations or tips?


I would imagine/hope that having a guitar playing background would lend itself to learning bass. I was no guitar god by any means but I could play well enough.

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I record bass lines for my own music, so I hope that what I say can help. I'll shorten it buy basically this


1. The bass is the most important part of a band or song, keeps the rhythm and groove. Work on playing in time and in a pocket with a drummer/drum track and practice that way so when you play with people you dont get lost or dont ruin a good jam session groove ya got going


2. Always practice scales and some bass techniques/practices. Walking a bass line, slapping/popping, pick/finger dynamics are all fantastic.


3. Have fun (i hate saying this but it's important)


I hope some of this doesnt sound too basic or boring but its all what I'd consider the essentials :)

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No man, all good information! I certainly would transition to practicing well as I would use the same method as with guitar. Work it in chunks and practice repetition of a certain technique.


Good tips on practicing with a drum track. That will definitely be something to work on. Should be fun to just create interesting lines once I'm familiar with scales and where certain notes are.



I'm still shopping around. Don't want to break the bank, just dip my toe in to see if it's for me.

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Hey, a few questions that I would like answered to give some advice:


- what styles do you play? (can recommend basses based on that)

- do you like metronomes? (the answer should be yes)

- do you need an amp?


Other than that, play for fun, but don't ignore technique. Don't play through cramps, don't take one person's word for gospel (for example, there's no reason why you should do a 4-fret spread if you can't do it comfortably). Also, fingers and picks are both legit ways to play - and let nobody tell you otherwise.

There's a few great bass channels out there to help you get started.

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As far as styles.. Songs to learn and play/play along to - rock. But I also am interested in learning/playing/jamming some jazz/funk stuff too.


I am indifferent to metronomes. When I had drums I never really used one much. Never really with guitars. But I don't necessarily dislike them.


Amp, yes, as I understand you probably shouldn't use a standard guitar amp? I have a Marshall MG series for my guitar.

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Aight - so when it comes to basses there's a few brands that I'd recommend:


- typically, anything passive by Ibanez in lower ranges is solid, also Squier Vintage Modified basses are a good choice. Check for sharp edges on the fretwork before buying a cheaper bass anyway, and usually a good advice: get a proper set-up.

- want to spend a bit more? Get a Sire Marcus Miller V7 jazz. Only heard good stuff about them (get a good set-up and you're good for life unless you become an absolute pro)


Amp wise, Ashdown is great in the cheaper segment, or finding a Trace Elliot second hand. For practising alone, Vox has great amp plugs, or a bass multi fx with headphone out will do too. Guitar amps can work, but don't boost the lower ranges.

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