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What do you miss most about Muse nowadays?


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It's been 18 years since Showbiz and Muse's sound had changed a bit (or a lot) with each album. As Matt & co. grew older, their songwiriting and general idea of making music changed as well. What is the thing you miss most about them?


For me it's definitely Rachmaninov influence. You could hear it a lot on OoS, Absolution and on Showbiz to some extent. For me, those albums reinvented the use of piano in rock music. The piano was menacing, grand and thrilling. Never befre have I heard something like that in popular music.


Nowadays Matt uses piano for ballads or as a supportive melodic instrument like in Mercy or Starlight. Now, I know that Explorers melody was heavily inspired by Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 (Adagio sostenuto), which is my favourite Rachamaninov's piece by the way, but that is probably the only exception since Abso and it's a ballad.


So.. how about you?

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I do kinda miss the nuance to their lyrics, which used to be more abstract or could be open to multiple interpretations, which hasn't really been the case on the last 3 albums.

Drums aren't that bad on Drones are they?

I wouldn't say they're that bad, but they're more simpler and also a bit softer than the old drums. Its particularly notable live as I've noticed Dom doesn't hit the drums as hard as he used to, or at least that's how it looks to me.

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Interesting question. As much as we all moan about post-BH&R material being a step down, it's hard for me to put my finger on exactly what's missing.


Intensity in Matt's voice is definitely one thing - back when it sounded like his operatic soars would border on becoming a scream. It made every song feel like it really mattered, regardless of what the lyrics were. When you take away that edge and just leave the hero voice, it's harder to feel that impact imo. Plus, it just doesn't grip you as much.

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Drums aren't that bad on Drones are they?


Dom was never a show off but mixed in interesting rhythms into the tracks. How many memorable drumming moments are there on Drones? Compare that to the other half of the rhythm section, Chris.

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That's true - there was a good use of piano in songs like Apocalypse Please or Space Dementia, and in recent albums, its been relegated either to ballads or to being a secondary instrument. I know Matt has said he needs to gets back into the piano, and it'd be nice if he did.

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I'll try to describe my view this way:




Who used to swallow images,

Moods, stories, multiple fates

And to spit notes into our faces?

There was music incarnate


Whose fingers, tendons, chords

Had grown into chords and keys?

Who knelt down before music’s laws?

Who was music on her knees?


And music is there, she is

And they touch her with their fingertips


There was glory and the fury,

Contradiction and the beauty,

There was dementia and bliss

Spitting notes into our fates,

There was music incarnate


And music’s still there, she is

And now they touch her with their fingertips



Columbiahalle Berlin 1999

Knaack Club Berlin 1999

Bizarre Festival 2000

Columbiahalle Berlin 2001

Rock am Ring 2002

Columbiahalle Berlin 2003

Pinkpop Festival 2004

Arena Berlin 2006

Rock am Ring 2007

Marlay Park Dublin 2008

O2 World Berlin 2009

Rock am Ring 2010

Reading Festival 2011

Lollapalooza Berlin 2015

Mercedes Benz Arena 2016

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I think a bit of energy has been lost over the years, presumably due to touring etc.


The likes of New Born or Stockholm Syndrome which keep a breakneck pace for pretty much their entire run-times are nowhere to be seen nowadays.


Along with as others have said, piano being relegated to either a background instrument or only used for ballads as opposed to say Space Dementia or B&H where it's a centre-piece for a larger track.


Just want that intensity and power back really.

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'Nuvver one for me might be the genuinely progressive approach to creativity on each of the first 4 albums.


Been reading a hell of a lot about the background behind each album lately and the contrast between how they used to talk about their creative decisions comapred to now struck me. They'd cite different influences with each album and always talk about how they'd used them to do new stuff that they didn't feel other people were doing.


Made them feel like they really owned their own sound on each album, despite the big changes between them. Started to lose that with the impulsive genre-hopping and aping old material, for me.

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I generally meant the use of piano + hard rock guitars together, which IMO is perfection on Abso.


The background piano in the chorus of Stockholm Syndrome has always been one of my favourite bits too.

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