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2017.08.27 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK


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So having missed out in the early sales for SBE I grabbed a Reading ticket for consolation... managed to get an SBE anyway in the forum sale so nownim doing both! Now wondering what do we expect to carry over from last night?


I'm guessing Showbiz is a dead cert. given Matt's comments. Perhaps Assassin also? And I'd love to see the New Born riffs and Yes Please but that's probably asking too much!

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Since yesterday I've been wondering about the same thing. I was really sad that I was not fast enough in the sale and I missed all future opportunities on SBE tickets. Seeing the instagram livestream got me really excited for Reading and my expectations are now way too high and I'm bound to be disappointed. :LOL:


After Matt's comment about Showbiz coming back I am expecting this and will be more than disappointed if they won't play it. I hope he will keep his promise. I would also love Assassin, MM, Dead Star, Fury and/or B&H. Easily or Glorious would be awesome but I don't think that those are very likely. Hell, I guess I will freak out if any of last night's songs will be played at Reading.


I am hoping for 2-3 songs from last night which I don't think is too much to ask and doable even though only a fraction of the crowd will be diehard fans. My guesses are Showbiz, Assassin, B&H and/or New Born.

I will have a look at what they're gonna play at Belfast and Leeds. I think that this might be a good idea of what to expect. If they get some songs from last night, I think Reading should be safe as well. Or at least I hope so.


I just hope that something will stick around from last night. There are no more excuses for them to go back to the standard setlists.

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Judging by the time slot I think there was a 30 minute delay or something?

There's usually a bit of a delay for them to edit out anything inappropriate/cut back to the presenters during one of the best songs/have the band's management veto broadcasting one of the songs for whatever reason (I'm pretty sure it was Muse management who didn't want all of the OoS set to be broadcast because it wasn't perfect).

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