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NA Tour 2017 General Discussion Thread


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Tomorrow they're playing an arena gig, though, and judging by the kind of occasions they've brought it out - small venues and "special" gigs - they might leave it out at this turn.

Which is an effing pity.


It was played on at least one of the Drones arena gigs.

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Alriiight proper review:


The first thing I want to say is that the sound was amazing. Perfectly clear from the start, not too loud, I could hear every part very clearly and it's by far my best experience in this regard.


I have been praying for Showbiz for 6 months, tweeting them daily and screaming my heart out right after Isolated System. And they fucking played it. During the song I thought of the countless hours I have spent watching live videos of Showbiz, without even thinking that it would be possible to hear it for real one day. It's the one song that made me think ok this band is something else almost ten years ago and in my craziest dreams I would not have imagined seeing it with my own eyes. I was so so happy.


I had never got MOTP before tonight and it's one my absolute favourite songs so I also got lucky in this regard.


I hadn't seen them in a long time so I was able to fully enjoy SMBH, Starlight, Uprising etc.


One disturbing thing was that the crowd stood completely still throughout the gig. It's a strange atmosphere even if it's standard here. So my friends and I must have looked really stupid jumping like crazy throughout the initial run but I was so excited and happy I couldn't care less. I was dead after Showbiz though, maybe because of the emotional blow.


Also Matt totally snobbed us during his walk. :LOL: He started shaking hands one meter after our spot (but maybe we were a bit too enthusiastic and scared him).


I am so so happy and looking forward to tomorrow.

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