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2017.09.15 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco, CA, USA


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I didn't get my code until 10:30, and by then everything was sold out. What the hell? I've been a member since '06. Grr, anyway... I'm gonna try on Friday, but to be honest since the last LA show I'm not too excited to see them live again..

At least it's a good excuse to stay in SF for the weekend.


DM me if you want my code - it's still good for another 3 tix, but only lawn left now.

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I haven't visited these forums since 2009! I attended this show on Friday--was delighted to hear plug in baby and Matt did one spin-jump-thingy xD Do ppl still discuss shows and setlists here? I can write what I remember though I didn't take notes! Order all scrambled...


Mercy [was first... the rest of this list is just what I remember them playing, I'm sure the order is all wrong]



Butterflies & Hurricanes w extra little guitar riff before piano


Plug in baby

Stockholm Syndrome

Dead inside

Take a bow (before which Matt said "when we wrote this song we thought your president was crazy then. This song is even more relevant now" lol D:

[a bass and drum riff!!]


Supermassive black hole





Only one encore:

Wait maybe this was when tiro was

...it was a 3-song encore, I can't remember lol



This is the only gig I've seen where they didn't do feeling good. I always look for the megaphone on top of the piano haha


I have been away from muse fandom from some time but am happy to find them in fine form. They are virtuoso musicians. I still love them so much =D


Matt wore red pants, sparkly silver shoes, and some kind of embroidered jacket over a black tshirt w/ some design I couldn't see from the back of the lawn. Dom was in a white suit jacket and white pants and a tank top I think. I don't remember what Chris was wearing lol

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Can we organise a meet closer to the time Jessica? I'm coming alone from the UK. Never been to the States before, so I'm quite nervous and a few friendly faces would be great :)


I'm so sorry I missed this!! Would have been great to meet up with you. :(


Here are some of my pix. Absolutely loved this show!! I really enjoyed the energy from the crowd and the setlist was enjoyable. :happy: I'm usually turned off from this venue because of the shitty sound, but everything was so crisp and perfect during Muse's set. Best sounding show at this venue. :party:



Muse @ Mountain View 2017 by Jessica S., on Flickr



Muse @ Mountain View 2017 by Jessica S., on Flickr



Muse @ Mountain View 2017 by Jessica S., on Flickr

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