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2017.09.15 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco, CA, USA


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I got a fan presale signup email from Ticketmaster. Signed up for it, but I think I'm going to skip this one.


I'm not a TSTM fan at all and, while I've never been to Shoreline, I have some friends who have and they were all disappointed with the crappy sound. They hated seeing Radiohead there.


Besides, the Oakland show didn't give me any reason to want to go see them again. But hey, maybe early setlist reports from this tour will change my mind.

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Hey all-


I was expecting to receive a pre-sale code in my account this morning but I guess I had to sign up this time? I thought it was automatic that us members receive it.


I'm on the fence on the venue/this tour - from what I've heard in the past and just read from you guys. I live in Oakland and to get to Shoreline by 7pm on a Friday night could be a nightmare. I would have to leave by 3pm.


I'm not thrilled by their last tour at Oracle, Drones and Thirty Seconds to Mars opening for them. Why TSTM?


Any other fans in the East Bay or City? Roll call~!



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Holding off on buying tickets for now, at least until we see some early setlists.


My presale code if anyone wants: MVF5s9KMh7


Thank you for sharing. I checked out the tickets available and I keep getting single seats in section 200's. Maybe the general sale will have better seats! The VIPs are also the best seats. I want the 2nd best seats not VIP. I don't care for the VIP merchandise/swag.

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I didn't get my code until 10:30, and by then everything was sold out. What the hell? I've been a member since '06. Grr, anyway... I'm gonna try on Friday, but to be honest since the last LA show I'm not too excited to see them live again..

At least it's a good excuse to stay in SF for the weekend.

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