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Keyboard Hunting


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Not entirely sure this is the right thread, but I'll give it go. I'm looking to get myself a pretty decent Keyboard, but no idea where to start... Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Be it brand or whatever.


I used to play piano/keyboard, I'm talking years and years ago mind, so I'll be practically learning again also... But I don't think it would take me long.

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This is a bit to vague to give a good recommendation so as others have mentioned maybe you can roughly define the following:


Full 88 keys needed?

Weighted keys needed?

What kind of sounds and what quality do you want?

Transportable for live use?

Need a case with it?



For example. I have an 88 key, fully weighted Casio Privia. It's not that great, but it gets the job done for what I need and didn't break the bank. I play mostly classical and other stuff with a piano sound. The other sounds on it are not great, but I use some vst's for recording other things. This may or may not be at all your goals.

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Thanks guys, I ended up getting a rather basic one for Christmas as a gift, pretty decent for beginners, even though I used to play piano years ago. But ideal for someone beginning to learn again I suppose. Pitchmaster i think it is. Thanks anyway.

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