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I wouldn't expect anything particularly heavy. The furthest Matt went in descriptions for the songs was that one is "heavy-ish/sort of heavy". If there was anything particularly meaty, I think he'd big it up more than that.


Who is the almost bald guy with the beard? Is he a producer? Engineer?


Costey, no?

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Been out of the loop with these guys since Drones. Based on comments the band have made (if any) are you guys expected a single, or EP, or LP? Or like zero expectations?
Theyve recorded several songs (three we think), might release them as an EP, or might just release one and save the others for later.
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It's just a semi-hollow body, it doesn't necessarily mean western-like music or such.

If anything, judging by what Matt is wearing, I wonder if they are giving a go at Indian music influences. :chuckle:


I didn't mean Western music, but the guitar looks like a Western guitar. Elvis played one, but he didn't do Western music. Just realised it's no acoustic..


Indian hm...trying to imagine how it would sound..






Yes, that hair in the video :LOL: but I love that he doesn't give a shit!

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