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I'm actually currently in a state of shock.

I had such low expectations, so much so that I even forgot the release date until this morning.


Muse have put out a great album here and this is from a Showbiz/OOS era fan!


Algorithm is the best album opener since Take A Bow. I actually can't decide which version of it I prefer but after back to back listens I slightly lean towards the album version.


Propaganda got me hooked by the second listen. Very nice indeed. I have a feeling this will be great live.


Speaking of live, Break It To Me kicks HARD. The funk is here and it's phat as phuck. Actually the whole album is immaculately produced and the bass is as powerful as ever! Such a bonkers song but I really dig it


Get Up And Fight...yes it's weak but I prefer it to Something Human and it's definitely better than Revolt.


Blockades is another that improved with multiple listens. Definitely stock Muse but it works in the context of the album and I'm a sucker for arpeggios


The Void had potential to be phenomenal after the first 2 minutes but it loses its way somewhat. I definitely appreciate what they were going for with it though.


Dig Down Gospel and Dark Side Alternate are great!


Pressure is a great single too!


Well done guys





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Alright. Live first listening analysis:


Algorithm - Musically it's so amazing that I almost wish it wasn't a Muse song, because, as usual, I'm bothered by the lyrics and vocal delivery, those are a tad bit too Supremacy for my liking. They should have been more Take a Bow. Minor gripe though, I'm sure I'll get over it. Great song.


Propaganda - I think this one requires another listen. I think I appreciate how nuts and different it is, but I can't say I really enjoyed it.


Break it to Me - Same as Propaganda, with the exception that I really DID enjoy it on first listen. The first minute had me worried, but it really redeemed itself.


Get Up and Fight - The contemporary simple radio beat in the verses and its overall mainstream genre should make me dislike it more than I do. It's not jarring, it's not embarrassing, and I don't hate it like I did with its alleged counterpart Revolt on first listen. It's more on par with Follow Me. Which I never disliked, but also haven't listened to in years.


Blockades - Sounds like a Drones leftover. I can see why none of the reviews mentioned it. It's a Muse filler. Not bad. It just is.


The Void - Too SHORT. And I hoped it would have a long synth intro like Algorithm. Definitely one of my favorites. Interesting how Matt uses his voice differently on this one, without the cring-y delivery he adopted on the last couple of albums. Love it!


Algorithm Alternative (The Vangelis Mix) - The vocals and lyrics come out better this way, as I don't feel like they interrupt the excellent synth intro of the album version. It makes the build-up more exciting, but I definitely prefer the album version.


The Dark Side Alternative - Unnecessary if you ask me. The Dark Side is my favorite song off the album, but its vocal melody isn't interesting enough to emphasize in a stripped down version. The Hawaiian/slide guitar slow-mo solo is nice though, I wanted more of that. Hyper Chondriac Music it is not.


Propaganda Acoustic - Oh.. yes! I want this to be the album version. Also, acoustic my ass.


Something Human Acoustic - Definitely prefer this one to the album version too. Still not a fave though, if I'm honest I was impatient for it to finish.


Dig Down Acoustic Gospel - Infinitely better than the album version. Had me bob my head and sway along. I expect my play count of this one to vastly exceed the album version's.


In conclusion: I feel like Muse's effort to focus on individual songs rather than the album as a whole has ironically created their most coherent album since BHaR. Some instant faves, some potential growers and some undeniable skippers, but overall I'm happily surprised. Can't wait to hear the super deluxe alternative versions too.


I'll listen again and make a song ranking.

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Potentially, for me. Right now it sure feels that way. But I feel like that was my sentiment about Drones too, and that didn't last.


I still feel that way about Drones tbh, and to this day I still rank Drones at the 4th position. I think this album will take at least that position. I think it maybe have a chance to take the third position (which is Abso imho).


I believe that the first 5 songa in the record are S Muse material.

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What song does everyone think will get ignored live? I feel like Blockades has the potential to be the MK Uktra/Reapers of this tour cycle. Hope I'm wrong though.

If I had to guess I'd also say BITM and The Void, with Blockades being a semi-regular. I don't know how he's gonna sing GUAF though.


I'd also love to see them drop Dig Down. It's been played for a while now and it literally gets no reaction and isn't very interesting live.

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If I had to guess I'd also say BITM and The Void, with Blockades being a semi-regular. I don't know how he's gonna sing GUAF though.


I'd also love to see them drop Dig Down. It's been played for a while now and it literally gets no reaction and isn't very interesting live.


I bet GUAF is going to be left out for live shows.


Finally listened to the album, everybody. For the moment, I can only say that if I had Muse in front of me, I'd give them a big, sweet hug. What a fucking album.


(Apart from GUAF, it seems a LP ripoff to me).

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