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So far i'm rather pleasantly surprised, considering my initial expectations. I'm very happy that the band seems to finally have commited to a group of textures and aesthetics. I'm surprised with how much I love Propaganda.



There are tracks I'm not a fan of, but I appreciate the record as a whole. Probably the best since TR, perhaps TR included.

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Algorithm alternate should have been the primary version.


Actually agree with this.


Disagree, album version fits better sonically. The alternate version definitely seems to have been a love letter to the older fans.


it's nothing like it


Key word: evolved, it's more or less the same notes minus the hammer ons

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Disagree, album version fits better sonically. The alternate version definitely seems to have been a love letter to the older fans.


I think alternate version will not sound that out of place. I mean, not at Thought Contagion levels, which fells odd in the tracklist imho. I might have fun later and try different tracklists, I might be wrong with this.


On another topic, GUAF is my new Revolt. Love it.


Thought Contagion and DD might be my least favourite songs in this album. At least DD alternate version is cool. I'd agree that the alternate version doesn't fit in the album though

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Man it feels good to love Muse again. I've drifted away after The Resistance and hadn't bought an album of their's since but they've got me with this one :D


Feel like a teenager again today, addicted to Muse like nothing has changed.


I know right! So refreshing. Last time I've been so excited about Muse album post-release was TR.

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After 2 listens, my order;


Algorithm / Algorithm (alternate - made me smile more and more as it went after I hated the intro)

The Dark Side

Break It To Me (massively fucking groovy)

Thought Contagion

The Dark Side (alternate - needs an explosion moment but love it)

The Void

Propaganda (acoustic)

Propaganda (grows a lot on me)


Dig Down (gospel)

Something Human (acoustic)


Get Up and Fight (BUT the chorus is amazing I love it, the rest is not great HOWEVER it is very easy to listen to)

Dig Down

Something Human

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As with every new album cycle, I cannot wait for the inevitable Pitchfork review. They sure hate Muse, but I find the way they write about them absolutely hysterical and clever.


From Drones:


"Drones might as well be overlain with Entourage, à la Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon, for the ultimate in critical hate-consumption. Muse’s operatic vocal runs, tablature-bustin’ riffs, and CGI'd production feel unmistakably similar to the way Doug Ellin brandishes yachts, celebrity cameos, and bared breasts. If it’s luxury porn, just own up—we know it when we see it."


From T2L:


"And titans shall clash as Bellamy speaks with the conviction of a man who is either going to tell us they'll never take our freedom or to release the kraken. With dramatic flair, he intones "your true emancipation is a fantasy," which... OK. But "the time..." Go on. "...it has come," that "it," perfect. "To destrooooyyyyyy..." Destroy what? Make sure you put your drink down as Bellamy screams "YOUR SUPREMACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" because all of a sudden having The 2nd Law only in audio form feels pathetically inadequate-- next time you will place it against footage from Starship Troopers, although the closest visual equivalent to this batshit moment is a dinosaur with a cowboy hat manning a F-15 and blowing evil aliens to bits while scoring the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl."


Agreed - this is from their (4.2, worst rating for a Muse album) BH&R review:


Black Holes was created in all earnestness by three dudes in Hot Topic shirts advancing a vision of rock music that operates on three fundamental assumptions: 1) distortion is always better than no distortion; 2) every measure of music should contain at least one drum fill; and 3) the future will be dominated by robots. Muse leave no room for compromise on these points.



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I'm having trouble figuring out Algorithm. It could still possibly be my favorite on the album. But for some reason I feel like it could've even been a little better. Though I may like the alt. version better, so there's that, but not sure.


This will surely change a lot but:


1. Algorithm

2. Propaganda (shocking)

3. The Dark Side

4. Break It to Me

5. The Void

6. Blockades


7. Thought Contagion

8. Something Human

9. Pressure


10. Get Up and Fight

11. Dig Down

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Can't believe how good Algorithym (both versions), The Void, Blockades and Propaganda are. Muse were in seriously good form when they wrote these.


Never expected them to write a Synthwave song. Now we have even 3. Moreover The Void has classical piano outro. Seriously cool.

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