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I think this is their best work overall since Black Holes, and I was legitimately expecting it to be my least favorite album of theirs. So happy with some of the surprising choices they made on this album. Just REALLY wish Get Up and Fight wasn't on this, really pulls me off. Also I like the song as a whole, but not digging the change in tone at 2:35 in The Void.

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I think this album might have the best opener since BHaR, and the best closer since TR. I adore Dead Inside but I've always preferred the more atmospheric/epic opening tracks. And I love Isolated System too, I just wish it had vocals from Matt instead of being mostly instrumental.

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John Carpenter should be talking to his lawyers about Algorithm.

Propaganda has a bit of a Trevor Horn/Art Of Noise vibe in between the Museness.

Is Break It To Me a Timbaland one? That makes sense..

GUAF is 2 songs that shouldn't have been glued together.

Blockades is Muse by numbers

Void is decent.


The acoustic mixes are better even if Human is a ringer for Kylie's last big hit :LOL:


Like it, hope loads of details come out while listening to it a bit more.

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As with every new album cycle, I cannot wait for the inevitable Pitchfork review. They sure hate Muse, but I find the way they write about them absolutely hysterical and clever.


From Drones:


"Drones might as well be overlain with Entourage, à la Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon, for the ultimate in critical hate-consumption. Muse’s operatic vocal runs, tablature-bustin’ riffs, and CGI'd production feel unmistakably similar to the way Doug Ellin brandishes yachts, celebrity cameos, and bared breasts. If it’s luxury porn, just own up—we know it when we see it."


From T2L:


"And titans shall clash as Bellamy speaks with the conviction of a man who is either going to tell us they'll never take our freedom or to release the kraken. With dramatic flair, he intones "your true emancipation is a fantasy," which... OK. But "the time..." Go on. "...it has come," that "it," perfect. "To destrooooyyyyyy..." Destroy what? Make sure you put your drink down as Bellamy screams "YOUR SUPREMACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" because all of a sudden having The 2nd Law only in audio form feels pathetically inadequate-- next time you will place it against footage from Starship Troopers, although the closest visual equivalent to this batshit moment is a dinosaur with a cowboy hat manning a F-15 and blowing evil aliens to bits while scoring the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl."

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