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Free Muse Crap - Regards, Muserist

Dramatic Hammer

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As per the title. This is free to whoever comes and gets it first (not a trap).

I'm not posting it because I'm lazy. Assorted CDs and records, some promo shit.

The catch is that there are mostly no cases/etc because it all got wet when my house flooded - most of it looks fine though. Also it's free.


Does not come with anything on the table that isn't an item of Muse merch.




PS. Mods, put this wherever you like.

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I'm sure that if you'd post the set'll be gone in an instance and I reckon you could get some money for it too. Motivate you for your time and all :chuckle:


I will post it for a large enough offer but otherwise I'm sure there's someone in London who can get it easily for free!


Why are you giving it away?


I don't want it any more.

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So sorry about your house! What happened?

I'd take eveything, but I don't live in the UK.....:(

Sending would be quite expensive....:(:(


Edit:if nobody comes round to your house, would you send it to me? As there are no cases, the Cds alone are not so heavy, maybe?

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