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Fewer recordings needed and more live performances


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I didn't say the music industry peaked in the sixties. I wasn't intending to compare the sixties to today but I should have quoted the post to which I was responding which mentioned how many albums sixties and seventies artists released and how frequently they released them in comparison to the number of albums which are released by current artists.


When I said that a lot of artists in the sixties were badly treated by their management, of course I wasn't referring to the big, successful bands. If they had been defrauded, they might not have become big and successful. The Zombies, for example, just didn't catch on in the UK and only really became big in the USA after they had split up. Only the songwriters did well out of their sixties success; the rest were broke. I'm sure the same thing happens now but I'm guessing artists are more savvy than they were back then.


Plenty of broke musicians around today!


Whether or not 60's musicians were screwed over had nothing to do with their success.


The point about album releases is that it is artificially slow these days. Slowing it down further, especially with less material doesn't make much sense, as what has to be recouped from it has to be far greater (Or touring would have to be more intense to make up for it!). Labels don't want bands in studios night & day as its expensive, always been like that, but need them in there often enough to have something to sell, its about balance.


Plenty of musicians could put out material at the sort of rate artists used to.


Always loved this by Soulwax, as one of the members convinced PIAS to pay for them to record in a NY studio, just so he could visit his girlfriend. :LOL:


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They did 132 shows in 15 months if wikipedia is correct. Averages out to like 9 shows a month but at times it was a lot more than that. I really doubt they will increase their number of dates even more.


What I was thinking of was a year extra of 4 or 5 shows a month to give more people a chance to see them but I think all the pros and cons of this have already been discussed here.

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