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Nice save. :LOL:


I remembered as I was typing and didn't wanna go back and change it lol!


Edit: Changed it

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10 in Continental Europe (2 France, 2 Germany, 2 Italy, 1 Sweden, 1 Spain, 1 Switzerland, 1 Holland or Belgium)

6 British Isles (Glasgow/Edinburgh, London, North England city of choice, Cardiff, Dublin (Irl), Belfast)

5 USA (I know it's big but still - NYC, LA, Seattle, Boston, Nashville, a middle city of choice)

5 South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico)

2 Canada (Toronto + 1 other)

3 Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane)

3 Asia (China, Japan, Korea)

1 South Africa



Wildly unfair I guess but I mean, that wouldn't be awful? Too many dates (35) anyway


I've completely converted to the opinion that this would be awful. It's wildly unfair, and there's no good solution.


There is no small tour they can do in the US and be fair. The Drones tour had 17 US dates :rolleyes: and still excluded huge parts of the nation and I'm not talking wastelands here, I'm talking major cities. A 5-date tour here would be a nightmare -- just using the cities you chose as a personal example, none of those cities are within 500 miles of me.


If this were to happen, it would make more sense for me to fly to the UK and see a handful of shows than to try to see 2 here. How screwed up is that?

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And this is the problem with a club tour. People will always think it's unfair that they can't go, so Muse would have to end up touring for 5 years to please everyone.


OR people could just understand the implications of a club tour, meaning not everyone is gonna be able to see them. You don't go from stadiums to clubs without leaving a few people out.

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This is why I don't want a club tour. Just play 1-3 songs aimed at the hardcore audience and acknowledge that we're there and reward them for doing multiple shows.


Though if it were to happen, 5 nights in Los Angeles, 5 nights in New York City, 3 nights in Dallas, 3 in Fargo, 2 nights in Seattle and 2 nights in Orlando would be good enough to cover the United States (and Canada). 3000 capacity venues.


Everyone in the country would be able to either drive or fly out to a gig without spending a thousand dollars in travel expenses and have plenty of opportunity to get multiple tickets.

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