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Muse Live @ O2 Radio Broadcast

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On Musebootlegs there is now an upload of the April 28th broadcast of backstage banter and live tracks from the O2 gigs.

Does anyone know which gig the tracks are taken from or just a variety from all nights?

Since "Undisclosed Desires" is there it could be the Monday night?

Track list

1. Muse History

2. Interview

3. Dead Inside

4. Interview

5. (JFK)

6. Hysteria

7. Interview

8. Plug In Baby

9. Interview

10. Take A Bow

11. Interview

12. Psycho

13. Interview

14. Undisclosed Desires

15. Interview

16. Reapers

17. Interview

18. The Handler

19. Stockholm Syndrome

20. Interview

21. Mercy

22. Supermassive Black Hole

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