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Muse - Official Live T-Shirt - HELP !!!


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I went to the London O2 last thursday (14th), and missed out on getting a t-shirt, as had to rush for last train home after the amazing gig, so missed out!!

I am gutted, as I should have got it on the way in, rather than wait to pick it up after the concert, and then never had the time! I presumed I might be able to order one off of this site, but they don't do them on here... or anywhere on the internet - do they??, and I am really fed up...

Is there any chance whatsoever somebody could purchase me one at one of the 2 remaining uk shows in glasgow (tonight , or tomorrow), and I will pay the £25 into the kind persons bank account (+p&p of course).

This is a 100% genuine request, and it would be the black album cover t-shirt with the world tour dates on the back (L or XL).


Kind Regards... Sean !!!

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They usually make their way onto the website within a few months. The Psycho tour t shirt from last year eventually made it onto the store as well as the Electric Ballroom top. Hopefully the t-shirts from the current leg of the tour will make it on too. :)

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