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15/04/16 London O2. Is anyone going alone + standing?


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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and I wasn't sure which board to post this on.

I went to yesterday's gig (14/04/16) and had such an amazing time. Unfortunately it was a seated ticket. Don't get me wrong, I still had an awesome night... but seeing everyone on the floor jumping and dancing and waving, did make me a little jealous. Especially as I felt bad standing up where I was sitting because of the people behind me. (I swear I heard one of them 'tut' every time I stood up)


Anyway, I was thinking of buying another ticket for tonight (15/04/16) as I noticed there is still standing tickets available. The gig was so brilliant, I would happily see it twice. The problem is, my friends don't wish to buy another ticket (which is understandable, they aren't exactly cheap!)


So I am posting here to see if anyone else is going alone tonight and wishes to hang out, chat and see the show together. I am well aware I can just go on my own and have a great time anyway, but I would much prefer to hang with someone, have someone to talk to and just generally discuss how awesome Muse are.


Or even if you haven't got a ticket for tonight's show but considering buying one, let's do it!


For what it's worth, I am 26 years old and male.


Hit me back if anyone is interested :)

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