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Can any one help?

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Right, possibly a long shot, but here goes.....


My sister and I are off to the O2 later this month to see the Drones World Tour, it's kind of a special event for us as we've been estranged for some time, and one of the last times we were really close, we attended the competition gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in 2006.


We were at the very front and as a result, ended up with our mugs in the NME article about said gig. I think the caption was something written in 'text speak' about a boyfriend being dumped. Now, we both had copies of this edition, but in the last ten years, many a house move etc etc, both copies are lost.


If ANYONE by any chance has a copy and could send me as decent a photo of the picture, I would be most grateful. I'd love to be able to give it to my sister as a momento of when we were happy and best friends, hopefully also symbolising that we can be that way again.


Thank you to anyone who is able to help and to anyone who even read this post!





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