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Locked Threads....Question for Mods


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Pehaps the Mods are being a bit "over zealous" when it comes to "locking threads"?


Do they actually read them before locking? What if the thread required "urgent" answers to a problem NOT addressed in the other thread?


Her's an open question to the Mods


With all due respect, you locked my thread re: "non arrival of tickets from Ticketmaster."


While I understand the need not to repost threads of similar subjects to avoid cluttering up the Forum (and I had searched) the thread I had started bears NO resemblance to any other thread started, what you have effectively done has ruined my chances of me receiving MY tickets for the Belfast gig.


Because you locked my thread I only had enough time to receive 1 answer, which may now actually confirm my fears, that I will NOT get my tickets in time for the show.


Thanks a bunch, perhaps you will in future actually read a thread BEFORE you lock it.

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There are about 87,000,000 million threads - general tour, tour speculation, the Belfast gig thread itself - for such Qs.


Also, if your tickets don't arrive, just contact the ticket company, they'll sort you out. That's their job.

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