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Hullabaloo? Is it the worst Muse album?


Is it the worst album?  

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  1. 1. Is it the worst album?

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Maybe I did look too much into it.

It's just a pity to me they aren't releasing b-sides anymore and perhaps I'd just like to discover if there's more than meets the eye regarding their two latest releases. :(


Of course there's more!


Plenty more will be composed, some more will be recorded. If its not on whatever album, either they didn't think it was very good or it didn't fit in. At the very least for that particular release.

No one is going to hold back anything they think people will enjoy! Studio time, mixing and mastering costs money for a start. But the industry has changed with the internet, back when Muse were releasing their earliest albums, B-sides were important to get people to buy the singles rather than the album, these days, every track is a "single", even without an official release as such.

Bit of a shame, but if you enjoy that sort of thing, try getting into bands with more of an emphasis on vinyl releases/singles.

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Thanks, that's it!

Yes, here he doesn't confirm any b-side ready, but I remember I've read somewhere that thing about a pair of songs discarded from Drones.

Unfortunately I don't remember precisely where...


Yeah, the B-Sides thing was just a smart ass remark, like his DVD one recently, and didn't really confirm anything. Although I suppose the latter does mean it's unlikely we'll see a "true" physical type release of the Drones tour, sadly.


I don't remember reading that songs were discarded from Drones; would be interested if that crops up.

There was speculation when he was talking about putting the CE sequel on the album "if it turned out right" and at the same time saying it was 13 minutes long; I mean, that would have been one hell of a short album, otherwise.

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