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they're in the about me tab of a profile, i can see you like abba and ac/dc :)


Where is this tab Kev? I can't find it! :$


Ha ha :D Yes I'm self-administering some therapy - I have been listening to Muse obsessively since I went to their concert in Sydney last year, and in recent months have been getting a bit depressed about how long it will be before I see them live again (I really have, don't know if other Muse fans suffer from this, you really leave yourself wide open to a roller coaster ride of emotions with this band!) So I tidied up all our CD's, put them in alphapetical order in the CD cabinet and on the floor as there's no more room, and I am going to listen to CD's on the way to work and radio on the way home - get a bit of perspective back! :)


Did I mention I'm reading Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams - starts with A - do you think I might be anally retentive? :D


Hey Kev - Christmas is just around the corner - should we start reminding you now about the "Oldies" spot in the Calendar or will you get cranky? :D

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