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My First Novel - Glasgow Smile


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I've completed and published my first novel recently! It's a horror/ dark comedy novel called Glasgow Smile. It follows a man named Greg Matthews and his journey to escape the depths of the terrible afterlife he's come to live in. Given a chance to fight for his freedom and return to the life he had, but faced with terrible consequences for himself and those he holds dear should he fail.


His morals and ability to survive are tested to their limits as he must allow himself to become at least a fraction as twisted as the one controlling him.


It's available in two formats currently with more information on these pages.

If any of you like what you see, would love some support! Either way, thanks for taking the time to look!


6x9 in. Paperback - 456 pages $16.09 USD




Ebook - $4.49 USD



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Congratulations!!!:D It sounds really interesting! Currently, I've got nothing to read, so might give your book a try! After I read it, do you want me to write a review? Your choice!

Congratulations once again! I wish I could publish a book, but am busy with exams... maybe in a couple of years!:stongue:

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Hey there, I really appreciate the interest! If you'd be willing to give my book a shot, that would be awesome and I'd definitely like to know what you think afterwords!

Writing a book is definitely tough. This took me 5 years to finish (3 of which were probably procrastination:p) I started working on my second novel shortly after I finished this one and it has just been pouring out. I'm about 8 months in and it's over 2/3 of the way done. That first book you write is probably the hardest part, so keep that in mind and good luck with your own writing! And thanks again for looking in on my work!

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