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2016 03 04 Accorhotel arena PARIS

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Hi all,

who for the last Paris muse gig on Friday, March 4th?

I am a little bit disappointed to see sleeping people during the muse's shows. In fact, during the last week in Paris the crowd was very calm even during song like Stockholm syndrome or KOC... What the hell!!!

Muse is and (I hope) will remain a rock band so, what we (some friends and I) propose is to meet in front of the "cinémathèque" just in front of the pit entrance of the ACCORHOTEL Arena POBP at about 2PM and then to be together in the pit to show MUSE who we are and to warm the audience to red. I mean... sing, jump, mosh pit... Well in one word "make this show a rock gig".

Are you with us?

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