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2016.06.24 - Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK


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I took the liberty of tweeting bbcglasto page - they stated the following.


a) Pyramid Stage stream from 22:15 on bbc.co.uk/Glastonbury


b) Full set from 23:15 on BBC two.

B^$&ards at the BBC changed it last minute to BBC Four & i didn't record it!!! :mad:

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I'm watching BMTH on Other right now and mix is pretty bad


BMTH's mix is always terrible, seen them twice and both have been abysmal (especially when one of the venues is essentially a leisure centre's sports hall (and that was their last tour)).

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Anyone else notice Dom "singing" at one point? Can't remember what song it was on now, neither Matt or Chris were doing vocals, just Dom.


I was full sure he was known to be an atrocious singer; any thoughts on them having a sneaky vocal track playing and him doing some pretending? Inside joke perhaps.


Also yeah, Chris was having the time of his life.



Edit: to clarify, it wasn't the vocoder part of SMBH, it was proper singing.

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