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2016.06.24 - Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK


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Yea that poster is fake, although a lot of bands from that will be true I imagine.

Anyone else already got a ticket?


P.S the thread tile has 'Piltron', the location is actually 'Pilton' :p

I think Muse spelt it wrong on the homepage as well :LOL:


That wasn't me that put Piltron, it was a mod! :p

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Think I'm gonna try and go :awesome: Never done it before though and I fear the re-sale.


BH&R or not, a Muse Glasto set + the possibility of Kendrick, The Stone Roses(?), LCD Soundsystem, Grimes and most likely a fair few other acts I'd really like to see would make it more than worth it.


Then obvs some form of Black Holes anniversary would just be the pinnacle of my existence.

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Radiohead rumours becoming more solid apparently :stunned: Seems so mental to think though, as amazing as it'd be. Apparently some kind of Bowie tribute as well.


It's usually early April.




I'll probs be in London for the O2 gigs at the time but hopefully I'll still be alright. I'm mostly worried 'cause the ticket-buying process seems more complicated than usual.

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Didn't Emily Eavis say it was 3 brilliant British bands headlining this year? Has to be Radiohead. Plz plz plz.


Going off that, these are the possibilities I can think of: Radiohead, The Stones Roses, Black Sabbath, Blur, Iron Maiden, Manic Street Preachers (big enough?). Could even be Adele and she just slipped up by saying 'bands' instead of 'artists'.


Radiohead would probs make the most sense but that lineup would seem like such a joke :LOL: I feel like The Stone Roses are the next logical choice, maybe Black Sabbath 'cause apparently they're on some 'farewell' thing.

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