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If you could re-order/re-track a Muse album, how would you do it?


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The songs are good but the album suffers from poor ordering imo. :LOL:

I think the album need to start strong. As it is the heavy section (US + MKU) comes too late so that most people were already disappointed at that point. Personnally I find it easier to appreciate new stuff like UD if I got my dose of heavy songs beforehand (hence moving MK Ultra towards the beginning).

And I Belong To You + Exogenesis in a row is too much. So I think the former should be moved up too, and Resistance has everything it takes to be the semi-final song on the album (the nice outro into Exogenesis, in particular).

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Hullaba-double album (CD1 = acoustic, CD2 = weird, heavy experimental shit)



Unplug In Baby

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Map Of Your Head

(Muscle Museum)#2 (rain transitions into...)

Screenager (guitar ver., then make the one on OOS the piano ver.)

Bedroom Acoustics


Hyper Chondriac Music


Forced In



In Your World (live intro that starts w/ chorus riff, no piano)


Yes Please

Dead Star

Execution Commentary

The Gallery

Shrinking Universe


Spiral Static


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1. Recess

2. Sunburn

3. Muscle Museum

4. Fillip

5. Cave

6. Showbiz

7. Unintended

8. Uno

9. Ashamed

10. Host

11. Do We Need This

12. Spiral Static


Origins of Symettry


1. Newborn

2. Bliss

3. Space Dementia

4. HyperMusic

5. Plug In Baby

6. Citizen Erased

7. Micro Cuts

8. Shrinking Universe

9. Nature_01

10. Darkshines

11. Futurism

12. Megalomania

(Have Feeling Good as a double A-side with Dead Star.)




Yep,I have had Hullaballoo out recently lol.

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Knights of Cydonia


Supermassive Black Hole

Map of the Problematique

Crying Shame (early version)

City of Delusion

Assassin GOB



Take A Bow


Best Muse album? (I wish I found a place for Starlight but I feel like Starlight + Easily would be too much and I'd rather prioritise the latter)

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Doesn't seem too bad flow-wise for me. That's just based on me looking at that list of songs though.


I do prefer it when the album has two sides though. KoC, Hoodoo, CoD, Assassin and in this case Crying Shame belong together imo, while Starlight, TaB, Glorious, SMBH and MOTP are the electronic rock side.

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Apocalypse Please - more intense intro drums


Time Is Running Out

Sing For Absolution

Butterflies & Hurricanes - keep guitar

Stockholm Syndrome

Blackout - fuzzy live outro




Eternally Missed

Ruled By Secrecy

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Intro(no fade-in)

Apocalypse Please

Sing for Absolution

Time is Running Out

Butterflies and Hurricanes(additional guitars & bass version)


Falling Away With You



The Small Print

Ruled By Secrecy

Stockholm Syndrome

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


30 second empty track


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