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Collage from Concert!

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Muse Drones December 1, 2015



It isn't complete yet. Gotta wait til payday to purchase what I need. :LOL:


The red border is a red streamer from the confetti cannon. The Drones are also confetti from the show! And the Pick was tossed out after the show!

The cream blob is a piece of one of the big balloons that were tossed around the GA floor.

I used the logo from my favorite poster (The birds must not have liked it, bad parrots!) and one of the tickets from the show as well. I'll be attaching the "No Fun" bracelet (it's bright green and says Moshing and Crowd Surfing NOT permitted!) and the drumstick that Dominic tossed me as well.

I'm super stoked about this since we could not afford VIP and didn't get the limited edition poster. And due to my leg injury and exhaustion, we weren't able to purchase the shirt I wanted.. as it turns out it had the date of the show on it!! :eek: I wish I'd known, I would have SAT in line LOL.

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