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Grammy Nomination 2016


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For the record, Muse have now received a total of seven GRAMMY Award nominations, including three for Best Rock Album, three for Best Rock Song and one for Best Rock Performance since 2011.


Matt provides insight about the songwriting process behind Drones and prior studio albums in an interview conducted with CCTV earlier this year when they toured mainland China:


"It's both looking internally, your own life & your own experiences, and how you relate to the rest of the world and the people around you. Obviously those things can make you think about things outside your life. So there's some context putting yourself in the current world. And I think that the album ended up having this sort of dual narratives going on at the same time. The songs can be interpreted as being either political, or either self-expressive, about personal lives. I deliberately write the songs to be mixed message in that way. They can be interpreted in two ways," singer Matt Bellamy said.


"You can not be too confident about the impact or anything like that... But I guess music, obviously, is bringing people together to experience something, which is - you know they're physically in the same space together so they feel each other. That's something a little different I guess, to help people live their lives, mainly. And also listening to music it's a method of hearing and feeling somebody else's feelings in a slightly deeper way maybe than it's possible for some other ways. For me anyway, I like that. Music has always been a very powerful method to understand the feeling of somebody else's, both the feelings of somebody from a different time as well. So I guess in that way music is slightly unique form of communication compared to modern technology methods of communicating," Bellamy said.


'This is not the first time that Muse have tackled weighty social or political issues.'





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why am i getting the vibe that this seems like a token nomination?


hope i'm wrong and they come out on top, but...:unsure:


another grammy in the stable would be nice, tho.


as a non sequitur, the capitalization of GRAMMY has always rubbed me the wrong way.


EDIT: after having listened to all of the albums nominated in this category -- out of this particular lot, if i had a vote, i think i'd give muse the win. some of the other nominees' work is actually abysmal...

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  • 1 month later...

Final GRAMMY ballots due today 15 January 2016:


Muse is favoured to win with a 60% chance according to the nine 'experts' polled at Goldderby.com. Six of them selected Drones while two picked James Bay to win the award. They correctly picked Beck to win Best Rock Album last year.

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"In a year with less competition, Death Cab for Cutie might have a chance, but this one will come down to Muse versus James Bay. Bay has the momentum and the buzz, but we suspect the Recording Academy will go with the more established name and give Muse their second win for Best Rock Album."




The writer mistakenly said Bay is up for Album of the Year. He is nominated for Best New Artist, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album. Bay has been already been announced as a performer but that was expected since most nominees for Best New Artist are featured on the show either in a solo performance or in a collaboration with other artists.


I will post more predictions in the next two weeks before the ceremony takes place on 15 February. Some of the categories including Best Rock Album could be too close to call and I also expect a few surprises.

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Updated Goldderby.com predictions:


Muse has a 59% chance of winning - 8 out of 13 experts/editors picked Drones while 4 selected James Bay's Chaos and the Calm.




Two more GRAMMY Pundit Predictions from Slant and HDD/Grein:


"Who Will Win: Muse"




"James Bay is the front-runner."



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"James Bay could win Rock Album. His Chaos and the Calm is excellent, but it’s simply not a rock album. So why is it in this category, competing with the likes of Slipknot? Why is he not in Alternative or Pop? Is it so he could win without having to compete head-to-head against Alabama Shakes in Alternative or Taylor in Pop? Not that we won’t be happy to see him take home a statue, but put his music where it belongs and let it compete with his peers. It should be important to all of us that the Grammy committees do the right thing."




"There's one part of the Grammy process that I don't think most people know about. In each category, the voters select 15 albums or songs to be nominated. Then there are committees for each genre, and those committees narrow those 15 nominees down to five. Which I think is wrong, and I'm on a committee! On top of that, the committee can actually replace two of those five records that people actually voted for with records that weren't even in the initial top 15. My committee had, like, 15 people -- producers, managers, etc. -- and everyone had their own agenda. Myself included! In my category, at least one act that wasn't in the top 15 ended up with a Grammy nomination."

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Bing.com predicts:


Muse 31% chance of winning the GRAMMY Award for Best Rock Album

James Bay 29%

Death Cab for Cutie 21%

Slipknot 13%

Highly Suspect 6%




Muse Albums - History of Nominations Received:


Drones - GRAMMY Awards nominee for Best Rock Album

The 2nd Law - GRAMMY Awards nominee for Best Rock Album

The Resistance - GRAMMY Awards winner for Best Rock Album

Black Holes and Revelations - BRIT Awards and Mercury Prize nominees for Best British Album and Album of the Year

Absolution - BRIT Awards nominee for Best British Album and Kerrang! Awards winner for Best Album

Origin of Symmetry - NME Awards nominee for Best Album

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You wanna really cry at the sorry state of rock's popularity in today's music industry? Look here, at 4 actual Grammy voters revealing their secret ballots. No one seems to have any awareness of the ones nominated! So is there any surprise at the bizarre groupings in the rock album category?

The Songwriter: I would never vote in that category—you don’t have to vote in all of them, and I try to be honest by voting in the ones I know. But I’d pick Muse. They’re such a big band.

The Artist: I may have heard of James Bay before, but I’m not sure—I’ll have to go listen.

The Producer: I don’t know that I have an album I rooted for out of these, so I’d probably go for Muse. But it seems like the Alternative category is where the rock is. Like shouldn’t Tame Impala be in this category? I’m confused.

​The Artist: I guess I’d go with James Bay. He’s a nice dude.

Full article- http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/10/grammys-2016-secret-ballot

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You wanna really cry at the sorry state of rock's popularity in today's music industry? Look here, at 4 actual Grammy voters revealing their secret ballots. No one seems to have any awareness of the ones nominated! So is there any surprise at the bizarre groupings in the rock album category?


Full article- http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/10/grammys-2016-secret-ballot


That's unbelievable :LOL:

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One rock category is normally awarded during the 3 1/2 live evening broadcast while the other three rock categories and the alternative best album award are announced during the streamed pre-telecast in the afternoon.


Updated Gold Derby Predictions for Best Rock Album:


Muse has a 54% chance of winning...One editor changed his mind and now favours Bay




Chicago Tribune/Greg Kot Prediction for Best Rock Album:


Who will win: Drones, Muse



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Two more predictions...




Best Rock Album


Muse — Drones

James Bay — Chaos and the Calm

Death Cab for Cutie — Kintsugi

Slipknot — .5: The Grey Chapter

Highly Suspect — Mister Asylum



This year’s nominees for Best Rock Album represent all sides of the rock music spectrum. From blues/folk-rock (James Bay); through alt-pop/rock (Death Cab for Cutie); progressive rock (Muse); to hard rock (Highly Suspect) and all they way to heavy metal (Slipknot). All the voices of rock were heard when determine the list but who will eventually take the prize?


British band Muse seems to have the edge. Their dystopian concept album Drones, co-produced by four-time winner, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, was considered one of the best albums of the year. Muse are also the only former winners. They won for The Resistance in 2011.


The second favourite is another British artist: James Bay. Some believe that Bay could take this because he’s got two other nominations including Best New Artist in the general field. His BRIT Award-nominated album, Chaos and the Calm is also his debut record and the only “new” artist to win this category had been Alanis Morissette for her blockbuster Jagged Little Pill, who also won AOTY in 1996. Bay’s album might also not be considered rock enough as it fits better within the “American roots” field.


Much like Beck, Death Cab for Cutie are one of those acts that had been switched from “alternative” to rock. Their album Kintsugi was met with mixed reactions. However, keep in mind that mastering engineer and two-times AOTY winner, Bob Ludwig is involved in the production.


The last two nominees have lesser chances. Former GRAMMY-winners, Slipknot are the only the second metal band (the other being Metallica) to be nominated for Rock Album. The Massachusetts trio Highly Suspect are first-time nominees and suffer the same fate as Bay. Unlike Bay they don’t have any general field presence.




If Bay somehow manages to not win this album for his AAA radio-friendly sound, Muse's Drones could be the one to upset him. The Brit rockers were nothing if not innovative on their latest record, blending together heartbreak with military technology for a concept album that reveals something new on each listen. Plus, Matt Bellamy is one of the best rock singers in the game today. Muse also has a history of winning this award -- taking home the Grammy for Best Rock Album for The Resistance in 2011.

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seems as if it's down to james bay or muse.


the winds in james bay's direction have seemed strong over the past few weeks, but with voting closing a month ago, who knows.


my thinking is...a sufficient amount of grammy voters:


  • will more or less scoff at the other three nominees
  • will wonder who this 'james bay' is...and either
  • listen to his album...and think to themselves 'this isn't rock...', or
  • not listen to his album at all, and
  • see muse is nominated +
  • hear something / remember something about 'Drones' topping the charts in the U.S. for a week last year +
  • know that muse just did a tour with some big production (albeit rather faulty altogether) +
  • not really view as a negative the fact that muse has already won this specific award before for another album...and
  • cast their vote for muse.


...or not.


if bay gets shut out of best new artist + best rock song, then perhaps this is the spot for his consolation prize.


another grammy in a display case for muse wouldn't be all bad, tho.


we shall see in a few hours...

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Another editor at Gold Derby changed his prediction and now thinks James Bay will win. The overall odds are now 50% for Muse and 40% for Bay according to that web site.


The only bands who have won Best Rock Album more than once are Green Day, U2 and Foo Fighters. Muse would be the fourth.


Also, according to media reports including the LA Times, the Best Rock Performance category award winner will be announced on the live broadcast. Alabama Shakes is favoured to win this one over Foo Fighters as well as pick up the awards for Best Alternative Music Album and possibly Best Rock Song too. The Best Rock Album winner will therefore likely be announced at the pre-telecast ceremony an hour or two before the live broadcast since only about 10 trophies in various categories are handed out during the live broadcast. The posted seating charts at Staples Center show Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters are planning to attend the show since they have reserved seats in the first three rows close to the stage while Muse (Matt and Dom) as nominees have reserved seats further back.


Besides Best Rock Album, the closest contests appear to be:


Kendrick Lamar vs. Taylor Swift vs. Alabama Shakes for Album of the Year


Taylor Swift vs. Ed Sheeran for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance


James Bay vs. Meghan Trainor vs. Sam Hunt for Best New Artist

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If i was an artist nominated i wouldn't go to this shit, how can anyone take this seriously is beyond me :LOL:


while we can recognize how the grammys (aside: why tf is that properly spelled without ending in 'ies'?) have been denigrated recently due the farcical elements incorporated into the show itself (in addition to ridiculous nominations in many instances), a grammy is still...a grammy.

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