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AZ Republic: Dom Howard of Muse on reining it in for 'Drones'

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Here's an AZ Republic interview with Dom about working on Drones, Mutt Lange, and the new show and stage. :)


Howard mentions “Psycho” when asked if there were times when they found themselves struggling to stay committed to reining it in.



“There was a moment there where we wanted to start putting more layers on ‘Psycho,’ ” he says. “We were talking about more strings in certain parts of the song. I mean, there is a little bit there in the middle eight. But we were kind of thinking of going much further with that on that song. Then we said, 'You know, it’s just kind of, like, a cheap blues riff. Let’s not lose sight of what it is.' ”


"So we just went with it, like, ‘Well, why not?' He’s a very well-known name in the world of production. And we thought it would be interesting to see what he does, how we works and how that would work with us. We worked with him for quite a few months and then we did quite a bit of work on our own. But he was great. And so detailed. He makes you play parts of the song a million times. He likes to get you to play every single emotional version of that part of the song, from really accelerated and energetic to super jaded and over it. Because you never know.”


“It’s completely different to anything we’ve ever done before,” Howard says. “And it’s wild, but it’s also a massive challenge for the band because we’re in the middle. We’ve got the audience all around us. It’s a circular stage in the middle that’s spinning around with me on it and two massive walkways and stages either side of that. So there are many times when Matt and Chris are on these massive wings and I’m just in the middle of this massive arena on my own, playing the drums. (Laughs.) It’s a completely different way of playing because we’re not all on the same stage looking at each other and communicating visually."


Full article here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/11/27/muse-interview-drones-tour-dom-howard/76455378/

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