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2016.01.23 - Le Centre Videotron, Quebec City, QC, Canada

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Glad you made it back, hope weather didn’t make journey too tough on the trip.


Was actually really nice weather coming back, same as the trip up. It would actually have been good weather for driving, but we took the train both ways, which would have worked fine regardless of the weather. Safest bet at this time of year!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts too. Surprised how few things I saw written about this show from others who were there!


My seats were very close to yours, one section over and 3 rows up. It is indeed a nice venue. Not as steep as most arenas and like the way you exit straight onto the concourse as opposed to go thru tunnel…also like the way they draw curtains to black out lights from concession stands. Even the upper deck seemed nice, you can barely see it in Montreal but here it seemed not too bad up there with great site lines, good to know if they get their NHL team.


Oh cool, so not far away at all! Agreed, it is really well set up. I also thought it was neat the way they had lights aligned shining down on the stairways, at a low enough level that they weren't distracting, but enough that you could easily see if you needed to get in and out.




We sat on opposite side of arena as Montreal and there is very little to choose from. On one side you get Matt for Handler, this time got Chris, but other than that they didn’t discriminate one side in favour of the other.


I was really impressed with how much they moved around. Honestly, I never could have guessed if one side was meant to be the "front" or back. That's important for a 360 show, so glad they pulled it off.



Vantage point seemed better than Montreal to really appreciate Drones plus they seemed to be working better. Montreal they seemed to be doing their best just to stay afloat and some were recalled. Here they seemed more sinister, venturing out then aligning themselves in a perfect line. Reaper drone did 1-1/2 laps in Quebec, at pretty fast pace, only lasted a lap in Montreal.


I was so nervous the drones wouldn't work, because of all the issues they've had at other shows. So glad they did work right! Yeah, there was almost an eerie sort of feeling about them, especially when they first descended and started moving out and around.



I was noticing radio in Quebec seems to really like over the top dramatic songs to point of ridiculous and this entered that vein. Given the choice, I’d prefer AP, but since I’d seen it 3 nights previous, I quite liked this.


It did seem to go over well. Having not seen AP I would have loved it, but nothing wrong with Eurasia. Much better than Feeling Good!



Reapers is such a great live song and sorry, really don’t like Revolt. Not against them playing it, but not at expense of Reapers. That being said, surprise they’re not pushing Revolt more as it was their last single.


It is weird that Revolt would be a single and then vanish from the sets, given that they seem to be intent on playing almost nothing but singles. Rotating it with Reapers is such a ridiculous idea - it's the new album, why not play both??


First throw I was shocked at how he didn’t take out any drums and second toss with Dom getting up and out of the way, I thought he killed Morgan. It landed beside him but from my angle and lighting I had thought it came really close. There’s a backstage conversation I’d love to hear


That was pretty wild! I couldn't believe how close he came to hitting both of them! :eek:


Thought they were really good, better than Montreal for the most part although it seemed I was in the family zone for this one. Had a 10 year-old next to me and a family of four in front, all decked out with tour t-shirts, drinking beers, pop, candy, chocolate bars…I thought movies for the family were expensive…this brings it to a new level. And this is just the old fart coming out of me, but no 12 year-old daughter of mine would EVER have a F-ing Psych t-shirt.


I was surprised how many kids were there! And that is a very strange shirt choice. Would love to see the reaction from a teacher if she wore that to school.... :LOL:


Anyway, thought the crowd was good until after Uprising, and just before and during Globalist. People had seen enough and were streaming up the aisle like somebody scored an empty net goal at a hockey game. I was shocked, at first I thought, many were using slow song for a bathroom break as I didn’t notice many coats. But didn’t notice any going back down. THESE were the people who beat me out during fan presale and had me online for over an hour the next day?


That was just insane. I couldn't believe how suddenly out of it the crowd became once the Globalist started. It was like everyone thought "okay, Uprising is done and that was enough show for me..." I didn't take note that people were leaving (though some folks next to me took off at the start of KoC....), but I was just astounded by all the talking and just complete lack of interest at that point. Even the heavy section of the Globalist and the reaper drone flying only seemed to do so much to draw people back in.


Really enjoyed the in-the round experience and have no complaints, but would like the next tour to be stripped down straight on aural assault marathon. It was almost weird seeing the 3 standing together this time round instead of manning separate stations.




Sad that the whole thing came and went so quickly…who knows how long till they’re back.


And again, agreed! :(

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Do any of you know if they left directly after the show? Last time they were in Quebec city (april 2013) I stayed until 1:30 am and met them, but this time I stayed until 3:00 am and did not see them exit the Centre. Maybe we were not at the right place, but I doubt it because we waited where all the tour buses were!


I waited with one my friend and another guy, until some staff member took pity of us because it was so cold and told us they had already left


Oh no, you spent all that time out in that frigid cold!?! :eek: That really sucks. I have no idea when they left, but I suspect if you waited so long that they must have made it out at some point.


We met them last tour by doing the same thing at the Bell Centre - probably close to the same sort of time as you did last time. But with the cold and not knowing our way around the new place in Quebec, we decided not to try this time.

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