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2015.12.10 - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada

halo eighteen

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This thread is for attendees.


The Drones World Tour will see the band perform for the first time “in the round” from the middle of the arena. This stage design and configuration will give fans a true 360 degree audio/visual sensory experience.




Muse.mu Members presale begins 21 October at 10am local. Please note you must have registered to the Members section before 13 October to be eligible for the presale. To avoid issues accessing your code for the Members presale, it is strongly advised to log in and write down your code before Wednesday.


General on sale starts 23 October at 10am local.




Ticket prices: $29.50 - $85


Support: Phantogram

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Bought general admission tickets for the show this morning. Looking forward to lining up early like last time for barrier! :awesome:


I'm really curious how the stage setup will be now that it's in the centre of the arena.



I'm new! What is the presale code for Vancouver for tomorrow?


You need to have been a member of muse.mu, not of the forums, since before October 13th in order to get a presale code. If that's the case you can find your presale code here. If not you'll have to wait until Friday to buy tickets the general way.

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Feeling nervous that our seats aren't close enough!

We got Section 117 row 20 (VIP was 1-15). But when I tried to buy tonight for ticks, I am seeing rows THREE in other sections.... Seems to be a LOT of unsold tickets. blargh! So hard to know what to expect with this new set up!


Regardless it's going to be AWESOME!

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Have fun everyone. I'm not going, not so keen on this stage setup at all and it wouldn't be a wise move for me financially to buy tickets right now anyways. I might regret this but I would probably turn out regretting it more if I went.


I'll most probably go next time they come, I won't mind waiting. Hopefully they'll be touring a better album :D

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You should have bought tickets it was AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!


That spoiler list wasn't accurate. Most of those songs were played, but not all of them.


I was much happier with the crowd participation this time, I was so embarrassed at the poor reception Vancouver gave the gods during 2nd Law tour.


Visually it was a real feast for the eyes and obviously for the ears too! Loved the round set up, hopefully they do it next tour so I know where to buy seats!


Their opening act was actually really good! Was not at all impressed with the last ones. Phantogram was great!


Cooler still knowing the Drones album was recorded in Vancouver... probably a good thing I didn't know that at the time.... :D:$ Stalky stalky!

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