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Drones free album with tour tickets


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It depends.


For Munich (Ticketmaster.de), I got the code via mail one day after I received the ticket.


For Prague (Ticketportal.cz), the code is printed ON the e-ticket.


Vienna (Ticketmaster.at) - not received them yet, I guess it's the same as Munich. Oh, I bought one Ticket via PsiMusic for Vienna too, the code was in the confirmation mail.


France (fnactickets.com) - not received them yet.


So you see, there's not just one answer. :LOL:


EDIT: the link itself is this one: http://chilli.mobi/muse/

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Glad I could help! :)


you havent heard the album yet? :noey:

That's not necessarily true. Some people like to give those codes away...


I should have 4 codes just for me that I don't need. I'll probably get one physical copy (I have a digital one since day 1) and the other 3 codes I'll just pass on.

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It seems like it's working well for them from an album sales standpoint.

I still think it's shitty, though, charging a ton of fans who already have it extra so they can boost album sales by forcing another copy on them. :noey:


Only costs extra for the optional physical version, doesn't it?

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You paid £2.99 for postage if you wanted the CD but the download was free, unless the ticket price was bumped up to cover the cost of the album.


Yeah I doubt that factors into it, iirc the prices are about normal in some places even with the 'free album' thing.

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Only costs extra for the optional physical version, doesn't it?


Supposedly, there's some fee added into the tickets because the profits from the CD are handled differently, and there's a minimum amount that needs to be charged for it to count as an album sale - free giveaways, etc, don't count.

So, some portion of the ticket is allocated to the album cost, even if the band just eats the cost and the ticket prices are "normal."

At least, that's what I read about it when Prince did it, and I can't see why it would be different.

Makes sense that you couldn't give away your album for free and have that count as an album sale.

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When did you get an option?

When I ordered the tickets, had to wait for the email with code to make the order for the CD.

I got my copy in the mail no problem. They emailed me a few weeks after purchasing the tix. Didn't have to pay shipping.


I think this is the first physical cd I've owned in years. A shame, really.


No shipping, you were lucky.

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