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2016.06.08 - Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark


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I am ASHAMED to say that I am a new muser. It's not like I didn't know about Muse, I've heard the radio hits they played here like SMBH, Undisclosed Desires and Uprising. I recognised Starligt and Madness at the concert, and I've played Assassin and KoC in Guitar Hero. Also I had a project about I Belong To You in school. And they were all great.


Still, I didn't think of myself as a fan when my mum asked me to join her at the concert at Forum, Copenhagen on 8.6.2016. I thought sure, who would turn down a free concert? And it was the best night in a long time! I fell for Dom immediately (ugh) and I've been listening to Drones on repeat since then and of course more of the older stuff. Here I am, little more than two weeks later, and I'm wondering if this ever stops, hahaha!


If this is a bad place to post, please redirect me to a place for silly new musers with addictions!

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