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2015.12.15 - Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA, USA

halo eighteen

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A few of my photos. I wasn't having a good day with the settings on my camera. :/ But, as you can see, it was an awesome moment for me and my daughter. She just about died when Chris walked back over to us to throw her the harmonica. I worked so hard on that damn poster too. lol It was amazing though. I was handed a set list before Knights of Cydonia was over.





That's a great poster! Congrats on getting your wish. Can you be the official poster maker to plead for Bliss next time :)?


I've heard about Bliss being crossed off the setlist. To see it in your photo actually hurts. Ouch. Why?


So many fans who have never seen that would have been over the moon if that was played, and the casual or new fans would have enjoyed it too.

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