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2015.12.18 - Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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There will be 2 different allocations. I'd try both at the same time if possible. Sadly, I'm at the mercy of my friends as I have meetings all Wednesday morning. Ugh.

Ditto here! I'm going to try for both. I expect the Muse.mu presale to go more smoothly than the KROQ one, where the ticket limit is 8 (!!!!!).


Unfortunately, since it's Staples Center, it has to be AXS. Venues are associated with ticketing agencies.


Which just means I wish they were playing the Forum.

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Anyone know if we can use our Presale code to purchase tickets for both the San Diego show and the LA Stapes Center show? or does the code only work for one or the other.






In general I believe 1 code is valid for 4 tickets.

I've ordered 1 ticket for the Vienna show and one ticket for Cologne with the same code. So it should work if you're not buying 4 tickets per gig

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I haven't gotten the presale code in my e-mail yet, has anyone gotten theirs? Or are they waiting til tonight to distribute them so it keeps it fairly exclusive to muse.mu members? Thanks guys and can't wait to see you all there! :D


Actually, just log into Muse.mu and it's in Members section. Looks like the code is different for the US shows versus the European shows.

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Phantogram are the opening band. Anyone know if they're good?


I can vouch for them. Definitely one of the better support choices i've seen. I was surprised to see them as support since they're already semi-popular in the area.


Does anybody know if the presale starts on the 24th or the 23rd? because on the main page it says 23rd but on the members page it says the 24th.


It starts tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd.

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im on the AXS page but not seeing a section for the presale...are we supposed to do it from that site or the Muse.mu site link for tickets?


edit: this place is kinda dead for an onsale morning (unless I missed the bigger thread)

Follow the tickets link for the LA date under the news. It will take you to the presale website which isn't AXS.

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